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If you happen to run into Spanish watercolorists, you frequently see them with this palette.  The wells can hold a full tube of paint.  If you paint big with big brushes like I sometimes do, this is helpful.  It has a thumb holder on the other side. I should mention that it is made out of thicker metal than what we are used to and is heavier.  I don’t have any trouble holding it in my hand, but from a design point of view, it should be made of lighter metal.   It is also made of metal that will eventually rust.  Many people seem interested in it, but unfortunately it is unavailable outside of Spain.

It appears to be made in Barcelona by one company that does not sell to the public, and it is sold by another company in Barcelona that does not have an international internet business.  It is best to e-mail them in Spanish  and translate their Spanish replies(use google translate). See here for the mention of the palette on the store’s internet site.  I don’t think you can order one through it, but you can get the price in Euros.

I was able to get one after an extensive e-mail correspondence.  It was hard to give them my credit card number and for shipping I had to wire Euros to their bank.  First they wanted to send it via a next-day (in Europe) Spanish package service like FedEx which would cost $75 (US), but I eventually prevailed on Mireia Garcia, who was very nice, to use regular mail.

The name of the store  (not manufacturer) is VICENÇ PIERA <info@vpiera.com>.  I would write to Mireia Garcia there who, after all, has done this once before.  (VICENÇ PIERA, perhaps coincidentally, was a famous Spanish soccer player, now dead.)  Be very clear about your name and address, but mostly your name since Spanish name conventions are very different than ours.

Here’s the box it comes in with the manufacturer’s name (“Artist”).  They recommend getting it from Vicenc Piera.

What we really need is for some art supplier here to import it.  I wrote to Cheap Joe’s, but I’m sure the e-mail got lost in a miscellaneous pile.

Good luck, if you try at get one.   If you do try, please leave a comment since many people view this post and could benefit from your experience.  Thanks.

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