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smallest set

This set is composed of an empty Sucrets box into which I have inserted a small daily plastic pill box with the top off, both of which come from the local drug store.  An Altoid box is an equally good container.  Into the compartments I squeezed Winsor Newton tube paints.  When the box is closed they stay slightly damp for a long time.    Next to the Sucrets box is a 35mm film canister which I have filled with water.  It stays watertight.  I would probably take a few along with me if I were concerned about a source of water.  (The idea comes from the illustrator James Gurney.)     There is also shown a Utrecht travel brush.  You might want a water brush from Koi for example, click on name for website, which would eliminate the need for water.  However, the koi brush has a completely different feel to the wash which I don’t like.  The quarter is just to give an idea of the size.

As I have set it up with the samples of the paint on the lid,  there is not place to mix the colors.  I would remove that piece of paper and use the cover for mixing.

HOWEVER Altoids has come out with a smaller box:

small altoid box

When it is open you can fit 6 small pans in it if you clip the corner off two of them.  I did the clipping with a jigsaw and found it went very easily.  I think you could also use a scissor but it might be more awkward.

open with small watercolor pans

In terms of what paints to put in it, see my post on extremely limited palettes here.

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